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John Handy (chair)
10 Salters, Hamstead Marshall, Newbury RG20 0HH
01635 254800

Peter Benest (vice-chair)
Little Farm, Holtwood, Hamstead Marshall, Newbury
RG20 0JH
01635 253627

Jon Phillips
Whitehill Farm, Hamstead Marshall, Newbury RG20 0HP
01488 658731

Stuart Morton
Elm View, Hamstead Marshall, Newbury RG20 0HW
01488 657465

Anne Budd
8 Ash Tree Grove, Hamstead Marshall, Newbury RG20 0HJ
01488 657022

parish clerk
Sarah Bosley
07974 655 210
The parish council is re-elected every three years, the next
election date being May 2018. In practice there has never
been a surplus of candidates to prompt an election, and so
the council is composed of residents who have volunteered
to serve. When a vacancy occurs between elections the
existing councillors choose a replacement.
Anyone interested in serving on the parish council should
contact the clerk.

Parish council meetings are usually held on the third
Monday of every second month in the village hall,
starting at 20.00.
All parishioners are entitled to attend the meetings
and the annual parish assembly.
Any parishioner who is concerned about a local issue
may ask any councillor or the parish clerk for the
matter to be raised at a council meeting.
The following information is posted by the parish
council in compliance with the Freedom of Information

The clerk to the parish council holds the following:
Minutes of parish council meetings
Records of income and expenditure
Correspondence files regarding ongoing matters in the parish
Planning applications
Various reference documentation supplied by West Berkshire
Council and other agencies

Parishioners are welcome to access any of the above
information by appointment with the clerk.
Agendas are posted on the parish notices boards at Ash Tree
Corner and Chapel Corner a few days before each meeting.
Parish councillors and the clerk will respond to all requests for
information within 20 days, although some matters will have
to be discussed at a parish council meeting before a full
answer can be given.

Parish council meeting minutes and accounts are
published here as they become available, which is
when they have been approved and signed. Those
available are listed as links below: